Let's Plays, Updates, and a probably nonsensical question.

2014-08-09 22:18:51 by waffrus

I got two reviews/playthroughs for my games! Check 'em out if this interests you. I personally love watching these sort of things on youtube, haha~


Working on that Princess dating sim. Gonna try to get it done and released in the next few days, just so I can move on TO NEW THINGS, YAY. A lot of the motivation and inspiration for that one fluttered away, but I hate abandoning things, so IT SHALL BE FINISHED. Though with less development than originally invisioned, whoops... Oh well.

After that's done, a new entry for The Somewhere Series will be in development since quite a few of you are fond of that series. Got some ideas floating around, but not quite sure yet what to do. Maybe I should watch more Monty Python or something.


Lavender Lilies or Green Apples?


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2014-08-10 00:11:37

I like off-white lilac myself, but the lilies will do. MPFC is good, Fawlty Towers w/ John Cleese wasn't bad... some folks liked Black Adder/Mr. Bean from the sub-continent as well. I liked the cartoon Danger Mouse, also another show on nick called You Can't Do That on TV... it's kinda dated now tho.