2014-06-23 22:24:44 by waffrus

Hi, all!

Geesh, it feels weird that I haven't really been adding new things after that frenzy in May. But gotta focus on my summer class, aha. Gotta soak up all them lessons and whatnot.

So earlier I posted up "Doppelgangers" but the idea for that came randomly when I was supposed to be paying attention in class, lol. It's still in development (trying for a serious/dramatic atmosphere in that one), so it'll be a while before an actual game comes out of that.

I was getting kinda antsy about my inactivity, so I started character designs for yet another game, unrelated to both dating sims and The Somewhere series. But again, that one won't be available for a while, lol. I'm thinking about dabbling in pixel art for that one. But the character designs might be posted up later this month.

Lastly, working on another addition to The Somewhere series. It's kinda funny, they started out as practice, but they're really nice breathers in between development for other longer games, and I'm getting really attached to the characters, haha~ It'll be a sort of sequel to The Garden. Needed the extra layer of silliness after getting back into school-mode, lol.

Anyhow, hope you're all well! <:


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2014-06-24 08:06:12

No need to get angstsy about uploading new stuff while school's on. Your fans will be here, (and probably growing in number) waiting patiently. Whatever it takes to get the best silliness :)


2014-06-27 01:59:37

Can't wait, I love The Somewhere Series :)