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waffrus's News

Posted by waffrus - April 5th, 2021

Got diagnosed with breast cancer. Had my first round of chemo today.

Still feeling pretty okay. Oddly, the pollen season has had more of an effect so far.

EDIT: Got allergy meds, so pollen is not an issue anymore. But man, the chemo packs a punch in nausea. So got meds for that as well. It took almost a week to get some semblance of normal.

But there's still more treatment to go and things will start feeling worse. So probably no major updates for a while.

While recovering, I'll be working on the script for Colors of a Feather.

There's another short bread themed thing I want to finish, but not sure what sort of art direction I'm going with for that one. It's also iffy on whether I'll be able to draw digitally during this time... Some on-and-off light sensitivity right now but that's probably the pollen.

Anyways. Sometimes life gives you some real sour lemons, sigh.

In case anyone is afraid to ask. It was caught at an early stage, so survivability is pretty good.

Hope everyone has a better spring and summer than mine haha.


Posted by waffrus - March 14th, 2021

there was a magical girl gam jam in collab with the dev vn community so i made an entry for that


Posted by waffrus - January 22nd, 2021

So this is gonna be the next thing on the horizon.

There's also a small silly vn I'm working on, but main focus will be a remake. Figured this would be a good idea since flash is more inaccessible these days, aha.


Posted by waffrus - December 6th, 2020

  • PROJECT 1: Longer story with 4 potential love interests, will aim for demo release here and then... probably will aim for commercial release with this one, currently writing up the story in novel form
  • PROJECT 2: Short silly thing concerning bread
  • PROJECT 3: Maybe more Somewhere Series? Maybe I should remake them into one thing
  • PROJECT 4: ................should i remake colors of a feather???
  • PROJECT 5: webtoon


Posted by waffrus - November 21st, 2020

New Story! Finally! Hope you enjoy!

Gonna figure out what the next project is gonna be, stay tuned.


Posted by waffrus - October 12th, 2020

Argh, I've been working on something but it's been taking too long.

Gonna give myself a proper deadline by making this post.

The Flower Arrangement, a little medieval fantasy romance visual novel between a Fae and his offered bride.

To be released end of this month!

Get it together, self.



Posted by waffrus - May 6th, 2019

Mostly making this so that the four year old post gets overridden.

Alive. Released a super short entry for The Somewhere Series earlier this year.

Working full-time and still trying to get the balance between work and not-work and drawing stuff. Projects are still being planned and in progress, just... very slowly.

Thanks for sticking around.


Posted by waffrus - October 20th, 2015

Hey all. Still toiling away for my last semester of college, haha.

I haven't been drawing much lately, not quite enough energy for that, but I've been drabbling a bit for potential new stories. And luckily art stuff for an entry for The Somewhere Series was salvaged, so that'll probably be the first thing that I try to finish once I get time.

But I do wonder sometimes, what sort of stories would you like to see/read? Most of my stuff is in the whimsical romance/comedy/slice of life sort of area. Is there any sort of other... genre or whatever that you'd like?


Posted by waffrus - September 25th, 2015

My laptop decided to take an early retirement and apparently no longer has most of my files anymore.

Including... wip game assets.


Posted by waffrus - July 24th, 2015

in no particular order and with varying degrees of completion:

- charms of lavender blue sequel

- all that glitters

- two more entries for the somewhere series

- that rwby thing from way back that quietly went into hiatus, oops...

Been busy helping my mom with fixing up this rental house that my aunt owns and is trying to sell. Learning how to do lots of random things, haha. Painting walls, getting rid of tree roots, things like that.

Then in my free time I keep flitting back and forth between projects. So things are being worked on! Just... slowly. And sporadically. 

Sorry all.